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Responsible Business

Responsible practices
Responsible and sustainable practices


At Chain Fashion Industries, we prioritize environmental responsibility and fair trade practices. With a steadfast commitment to both people and the planet, we maintain high standards for working conditions at our production sites. Embracing the principles of BSCI, we rigorously enforce initiatives aimed at enhancing working conditions, including stringent checks on child labor, safety, hygiene, working hours, and wages.

As proud members of BSCI, our production units in Bangladesh and Turkey undergo regular independent audits to ensure compliance. While we're delighted to achieve a recent BSCI score of 92%, our pursuit of excellence drives us to aim even higher in the future.

Code of conduct

At Chain Fashion Industries, our code of conduct reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical standards. We uphold:


  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

  • An honest and transparent approach to business dealings

  • Zero tolerance for child labor or forced labor

  • Protection against any form of individual or group exploitation

  • Assurance of hygiene, health, and safety standards

  • Provision for meal catering

  • The freedom to join a trade union of choice

  • Fair and equitable remuneration policies

  • Respect for acceptable working hours


These principles guide our operations, ensuring integrity and fairness at every level.

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