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Founded in 1996, Chain Fashion Industries has become a symbol of sartorial excellence, reflecting European craftsmanship and ethos. Our vision blends timeless elegance with industry innovation, resulting in years of dedicated growth and innovation.

At our core lies a deeply ingrained European mentality that values precision and sophistication in fashion. This mindset guides our evolution and expertise, cultivated through years of commitment to design and production.

In a world where honesty and reliability are scarce, we prioritize these values in every aspect of our operations. From our weavers to designers and throughout our supply chain, these principles underscore every garment and relationship we cultivate.

Our journey from 1996 to today speaks to our passion, people, and partnerships. Looking ahead, we're committed to innovation, sustainability, and the enduring beauty of European craftsmanship.

Welcome to Chain Fashion Industries—where integrity meets elegance, and tradition meets the future.

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Where can you find us?

With our headquarters in Lijnden, with offices in Istanbul and a factory in Dhaka, we're strategically positioned to excel in the fast-paced global fashion industry, ensuring swift service for our customers worldwide.

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